Thiago Garcia

Hello! I'm a Brazilian entrepreneur and software developer specialized in growing sustainable products.

I help teams and companies build better products

In the last 5 years, I've lead development teams to build better products for their clients. I created a mindset to build simple, modular applications. I believe tools that make people more agile have only one purpose and non-obtrusive interfaces.

I building upon three main foundations: Small Acts Manifesto, The Zen of Python and Wabi Sabi philosophy.

My latest works include: Work with a Lawtech CTO to built their product based on the same foundations focusing on their business needs. I’m also started a Beer Brewery that taught me the major challenges of having a retail company from production, stock, distribution, and sales. Check my experiences


Where can I help you?


Product bootstrap

The first steps of development are tough. They are also the foundation of your product. I have a great team that can help you through it. Learn more


PROJECT leadership

A good software team should be able to build fast and easily maintainable code. I can help guide towards real best practices and good decisions. Learn more


Product design

Starting or maintaining a product is hard. It needs a lot of effort and passion to make the right decisions. I have years of experience working on my own products and with other teams. Learn more


We do not iterate to fulfill a purpose. We iterate to keep us always connected to the fulfillment of that purpose.
— Alisson Vale


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I'm always open to chat! Send me a message to know about rates or just to talk about your problem and how can I help you.

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