Thiago Garcia

Hello! I'm a Brazilian entrepreneur and software developer specialist in growing sustainable products.

I work helping teams and companies build better products

In the last 5 years i’ve leaded developer teams to build better products for they clients. I developed a mindset to build simple, modular and intercommunicable applications. I believe tools have one purpose and one purpose alone, with non-obtrusive interfaces that making people agile.

I building upon three main foundations: Small Acts Manifesto, The Zen of Python and Wabi Sabi philosophy.

My latests works include: Work with a Lawtech CTO to built their product based on the same principles focusing on their business needs. I’m also started a Beer Brewery that taught me the major challenges of have a retail company from production, stock, distribution and sales. 


Where can I help you?


Product design

Start or maintaining a product is a hard task. It needs a lot of effort and passion to make the right decision. In the past years, I worked in my product and other teams. Learn more


Sotware leader

A good software team should be able to build fast and easy-maintainable code. I can help guiding to real best practices and software decisions. Learn more


Product bootstrap

The first steps of the development is hard and it needs to be the foundation of your product. I have a top team that can help you with it. Learn more


We do not iterate to fulfill a purpose. We Iterate to keep us always connected to the fulfillment of that purpose.
— Alisson Vale


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